Friday, July 13, 2007

I have a house!

... with no electricity!  ARG!!!!!!!!!    I got the house monday.  I got furniture and a refridgerator moved in, along with all my things.  But here's the catch:  The electric meter in the house is a prepayed meter that only the government is allowed to use.  Therefore the meter must be changed.  In order to change the meter, Peace Corps had to write a letter to the Ministry of Health (who I believe own or rent the house), who then have to write a letter to Nigelec (the electric company) who then have to change the meter and turn on the power.  We're stuck somewhere in the Minstry of Health right now, and I'm told it could be next thursday or so before I get power.  Now, I normally wouldn't mind, I lived in the bush without power for a year, no biggie.  But i don't have a bed outside here, and it's impossible to spend much time inside without cieling fans going, which requires power.  So essentially, I can't live there until next week.  I know it's not that big a deal, I should be thankful for my health and blah blah blah, but someone is keeping me from living in my house because they can't take 5 minutes to right a freakin' letter!
Nothing much new happening, really.  I've been pretty focused on getting the house stuff done.  I do finally have a pairing for the World Wise School program, (Hi Mandy) which is sort of a pen pal program so that students can learn about the world from PCVs in the field.  I'm very excited to start, but I have to wait until school starts there next month.
I guess that's all I have for now.  The podcast site is being stupid again, so I'll get one up as soon as it straightens up and starts acting right.