Friday, June 29, 2007

Might be getting a house! WOOT!

It's true! I might be getting a house in a matter of weeks, or even days!  No guarantees, but it could happen.  Not that I mind living with Genghis, it would just be nice to have my own place.  I do worry about living alone though.  I like having people around.  At least the "dream team" (seabass, kurt, alex, alison, and myself) will probably end up using it as a hostel.  I hear that there are two places their looking at for me. 
One is called the village francophonie, and is 4k from the bureau on paved streets, so that's kind of nice.  Alex and I rode our bikes up there yesterday to check it out.  At first it looks like a little chunk of american suburbia.  The streets are all paved and all the houses are nice but look the same.  It really looks like a suburb of Pheonix or something.  Then you get there and realize that over 90% of the houses are empty.  It's really creapy, it's like everyone just packed up and ran away.  There are restaurants out there that are really nice, but have been closed for years.  The wierd thing is that the development is only about 2 or 3 years old!  It would be nice and quiet out there, but there wouldn't be anything to do, I worry I'd go crazy.  The houses are really nice though, and I'm not completely ruling it out. 
The second place is near the hostel in a neighborhood where some of the bureau folk live.  That would be a much better location, but I've never been there and don't know what the houses are like or anything.  Hopefully they'll show me both houses and let me pick, but I think that's me being optimistic.  I'll probably just get assigned something.  Hopefully I'll know soon though, either way. 
In other news, I've been fairly busy with the new Regional Rep. job, which is finally into full swing.  It's really nice to have things to do, it just took me a bit to get back into productive mode.  Things are generally good, and there's only 8 months 19 days till COS.  We've been trying to revise the COS trip plans to be more flexible, in case one of us doesn't go for some reason.  I think we've decided to "couchsurf" around europe, and go on some winery/brewery/pub tours.  We've added the couchsurfing to give us more to do while we're there.  It's a website/club type thing where you can look up people who live where you're going and are willing to let you stay on their couch for free.  You have to contact them and ask, and they can say yes/no if they think you sound normal or like a serial killer.  It would introduce us to lots of local people who can show us around the regions and know where all the cheep food is :-).   I was worried about the trip because Kurt is the driving force behind the breweries, I'm the one psyched about the cruise, and seabass is into both.  If one of us backed out, the other two would probably not be as keen to do the whole trip, and would probably just cancel it.  I don't want that to happen.  I'm not backing out, and if I'm staying here for the full tour, I want to go on the cruse dammit!  So this way we'll cut lodging costs and have something exciting to do for the whole trip, even if it's just hang out with random new people for a day. 
Well, that's long enough for now, I think.  I will try to get a new podcast up soon, I promise!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Things are looking up a bit

I'm finally starting as RR.  I don't think there's an official start date yet, but i'm just doing it.  I think right now we're just clearing it through washington anyway.  Tomorrow I'm going up to Ayarou with Sangare to do site development.  It's almost all the way to Mali, and I hear they have a fun market on sundays.  I'm also moving in with Michael.  The hostel is driving me crazy, especially when there are so many people in town.  They newest group just got done with a training and are lingering around, and the oldest group is about to have a Close of Service conference, so their here early, and the place can't handle that many people without me going insane, so I will stay at Michael's.  It's nice there.  I moved my stuff out of Sadore the other day on the shuttle.  The hardest part was the cats (she had kittens again) we got the kittens boxed up, but Lefty wouldn't stand for it, so I had to hold her the whole time.  We got there and she wigged out.  She's still around, but I don't think she likes me very much right now.  She'll cope.  I also got the iBook up and running the other day, its nice to have my own machine again.  Turns out I spent two months trying to get a cd that I didn't even need to fix it, it just needed the date set... ARG! Stupid Apple! But it's all better now. 
That's about all I know for now.