Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moving right along....

Again, sorry for the delay, but here's what's up.  I've closed my Peace Corps service and am on my vacation/trip home.  We were going to go to ghana since we've not been yet, but the embassy took a long weekend and we didn't really have time.  We still fly out of Accra tomorrow night, and we're heading there on the bus tonight.  We've been hanging out in Cotonou and Grand Popo, just chillin and enjoying the fact that there are no demands on us right now, and there's nothing we could do about it if there were.  It's kind of the most free I've been in, well, ever.

We'll be in London for a while visiting Seabass's relatives and seeing the sites, then we fly to NYC on the 14th of April and I'm probably out that night on greyhound to get a car for dad and drive it home.  That's not all worked out yet, but sounds like it could be perfect. 

I kind of had my freak out in Grand Popo one night, and now I'm okay with this transition, I just kind of wish I could stop travelling for a while.  Part of me is so excited that from here on out till the states is new things I haven't seen before, but part of me just wants to snap my fingers and be home.


Bishniak said...

Come home sooner.

Who is this "We" you refer too? you give us no other name than you.

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