Monday, June 09, 2008

So long, and thanks for all the fish..... i mean packages!

You'll all have to forgive me, or not that's up to you. I know I kind of dropped the ball with closing this thing out... just kind of left you all hanging in the UK. I'll try to offer some closure now.

The UK was incredible. We spent two weeks there, mostly in London, and it was a blast. It was also very expensive. I had to constantly tell myself to ignore the symbol on prices. If you do that, everything is very reasonable; but it's hard, knowing that every pound is worth 2 dollars, making everything twice as expensive! I did get to see some Disney references, particularly Portabello Road and the step of St. Paul's. Portabello market was really fun, not quite what you see in the movie, but the time period is a bit different. I was very disappointed that there wasn't a little old bird lady singing at the cathedral, but I suppose I'll cope. Seabass didn't really appreciate my need to go see these places, but humored me none the less. We also met this really neat Australian named Miranda who was as excited as I about them. She was very awesome to hang out with, and had actually tried to stay with Seabass in Niger through couchsurfing, but it didn't work out. We went with her to see a ghanaian band one night, that was awesome, we danced ourselves ragged. Other than London, we took the train up to Yorkshire to visit Seabass's aunt Sue and family. That was a delightful change from the city. The English countryside was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better hosts. We also went to Edinburgh from one night and met Seabass's dad's friend Joyce, a.k.a. "the Lady Caplan" ... yes, we stayed with an actual Lord and Lady. It was great fun, they're awesome folks, and Scotland is beyond imagination. It was amazingly beautiful, and I'd love to go back and see more of it.

After the UK we headed to Dublin, where we spent one night in the Brewery Hostel, saw the Guiness storehouse, and lived in the airport for a night. The Storehouse tour was pretty cool, and the pint you get at the end was unbelievable. I've heard its the best pint in the world, and I don't have any grounds to argue. We got to hang with Alex and Alison a lot in dublin, and had a wonderful time. We didn't sleep much in the airport, but it was a nice reset so we weren't really jetlagged, just exhausted when we got back. Oh, and the cabby that drove us to the airport thought I was from there :-).

The plane ride was the best yet, we got lots of tasty food, and a free drink. We decided to just break and run for it when we landed, no long teary goodbyes. We'd been through two years in Niger together, and traveled together for a month, but we knew we'd see each other again, so there was no need for water works, right? WRONG! I didn't make it thirty seconds down the hall and started sobbing uncontrollably. It lasted for like 30 minutes, with aftershocks for hours. It was the biggest cry I've had in probably 20 years. Keep in mind that we'd not slept to speak of in about 36 hours, so nerves were shot anyway, but still. It took me five minutes to calm myself enough to ask the info lady how to get to the subway.

I think the hardest part was that it was over. As long as we were still galavanting around, it was still part of the whole Peace Corps experience. But once we touched American soil, that clinched it, we were done. That adventure was over. As such, this blog is also over. I will leave it up for people to find as long as the site doesn't delete it, but I'm not going to post in here anymore.

As a parting few words, I'd like to thank everyone who wrote me and sent me packages. You've no idea how much it meant to me. I know I was horrible about writing letters, and I'm sorry, but I do appreciate it. You guys brightened my life there a lot. I also want to get around to visit everyone, but that's expensive right now, and my money keeps evaporating, so be patient. If I haven't come to see you yet, I will. I'll try to give you some notice first, but who knows, I might just show up at your front door one of these days!

One last time, Thank you, all of you. Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for sending me letters and things, thank you for caring, thank you for being my awesome friends and family.

Thank you.
Kala han fo!

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